Web Development

Programing, support, management
translation, SMO, SEO

Developing SEO

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO and the misleading contents can do to your site and could remove your website from google index and other search engines.

Let our SEO specialists in our team bear the burden from you and offers useful and studied SEO services to your website

Follow guidelines from google, Bing…

Explain and clarify all the changes and Improvements

Share latest results and developments and monthly statistics


Training on SEO

Review hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript

Review of your site content and structure


Review and checking of keyword research

Review and checking of content development

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media websites are growing daily with billions of users around the world making it the biggest platform for marketing. When used effectively it will extend the reach of your business and reach out for customers you never had in mind.

Let our SMO specialists in our team bear the burden from you in your electronic presence online and increase your access to customers by expanding your presence on social media websites.

Configure and monitor your social media Ads

Explain and clarify all the changes and Improvements

Share latest results and developments and monthly statistics


Training on SMO

Creation and full management of your account by our specialists

Create High Quality Posts to keep your audience engaged


Follow up reviews and problems made by audience to help develop the content

Respond to each comment immediately to satisfy your audience

Support and developing WordPress

You could be surprised if we tell you that 26.6% Of the top 10 million sites on the web use WordPress and Some of the world’s biggest brands and industries rely on WordPress

wpuLearn more about WordPress users and stats

Let our WordPress specialists in our team bear the burden from you and offers comprehensive support and professional services for WordPress


Arabization plugins and coordinate the direction (RTL) to befit Arabic

Arabization themes and coordinate the directions (RTL) to befit Arabic

Develop contacts forms and add many features and services

Develop admin’s panel and pages editing to manage and edit any part of it easily.

Update WordPress to enjoy latest features and security

Preparing and installing the developed plugins to achieve better performing

Fix and correct all WordPress errors and MySQL

security checking constantly to protect from any bugs materials or hacked

Websites Translation

Website translation in not to translate the words in website pages but the most important thing is to allow your clients to use your services and reading it easily like they are reading the original text so they could be able to understand your thoughts and contents clearly in any language in the world
And the important thing here is translating your pages’ titles and its meta description and translate the alternative texts in your website so translator will work directly with web designer to show your website completely correct.

Let our team offers you the translating services from our specialized translators in many fields and our proofreaders with a high degree of efficiency, To guarantee you the highest precision in phraseology, delivering the ideas and concepts by using the correct phrases in their smooth way.

Specialized translators in difference areas

Auditors linguists with a high degree of efficiency


Reviewing and auditing the phrases and their smoothness

Translation from English to Arabic and vice versa

Arabization software CMS and coordinate the direction (RTL) to befit Arabic


Arabization themes and coordinate the directions (RTL) to befit Arabic

w How do we work

Receive client request

Preliminary study

Determining execution time

Offer of a price

Assembling ideas

Launching ideas

View and test the site

Finish and deliver

Developing Contract

1. Before developing any website we have to study it before determining the price.
2. After agreeing on the price client has to settle total price in advance.
3. If client decided to cancel the order without mentioning any logical reasons client can’t refund his payment after finishing or after preparing his design.
5. If Pals coffee network name is mentioned with copyrights 40% will be deducted from the whole payment, Spontaneously. in case client decide to not mention it the discount (40%) will be canceled and the amount will be added to the total price.
6. PalsCoffee network commit with the agreed deadlines but client has to expect some delaying if he asks for any addition or changing.
7. PalsCoffe network has the right to display the design in gallery, PalsCoffee pages and social media.
+ Contract terms could be changed at any time by network management and all clients will be announced.