Web Design

By high skilled and creative hands
love designing and creativity.

Web Design

Pals coffee network offers a special web design service with high quality creative hands that consider the importance of design which it has to be coordinated with the contest which comfort browser eye due to that colors are the heart of our work, designing is not only making beautiful and suitable website we work professionally considering browsing fastness and design resolution  which suit the standards , web search  , international internet browser , tablets and smart phones and we have the satisfaction that design’s power is in uniting simplicity with luxuriousness.

Companies’ Websites Design

We offer special designs for companies by professional and high-class designs which will specialized you on internet.
We offer integrated solutions and distinctive identity for your company which suit designing standards in designing and programming companies’ websites and suit web search engine, internet browsers, tablets and smart phones.

Logo Design

Logo is your company identity and success comrade his effective power depends on accuracy and design strengthen and choosing shapes and colors play key role in the impact of recipient.
Our professional and creative team is working on constant basics to design logos in high professionalism to attract attention and leave a permanent impression in the mind of the recipient to distinguish the identity of your company and your business from your competitors.

Designing Content Management System (CMS)

Do you know that 60% of new websites are built on (CMS) ? and 40% of new websites are built on WordPress we offer you a specialized team in designing styles and themes for (CMS) like: WordPress Drupal Joomla forum vBulletin or any other special programing.

3 Reasons to Love Our Designs

Using latest programing languages: PHP + XHTML + XHTML5 + CSS3 + JAVA.
Professional designing with clean codes without any error matching with international standards and web search engine.
All designs are dynamic and matched with international browsers and tablets and smartphones.

w How do we work

Receive client request

Preliminary study

Determining execution time

Offer of a price

Assembling ideas

Launching ideas

View and test the site

Finish and deliver

Designing Contract

1. Before designing or developing any website we have to study it before determining the price.
2. After agreeing on the price client has to settle 70% of the total price.
3. Send the rest of payment after finishing the primer design.
4. If client decided to cancel the order without mentioning any logical reasons client can’t refund his payment after finishing or after preparing his design.
5. If Pals coffee network name is mentioned with copyrights 40% will be deducted from the whole payment, Spontaneously. in case client decide to not mention it the discount (40%) will be canceled and the amount will be added to the total price.
6. PalsCoffee network commit with the agreed deadlines but client has to expect some delaying if he asks for any addition or changing.
7. PalsCoffe network has the right to display the design in gallery, PalsCoffee pages and social media.
+ Contract terms could be changed at any time by network management and all clients will be announced.